Polarlite – Create moments to remember


We are opportunists backed by 90 years of experience in developing and manufacturing some of the most esteemed electronic products in the world. We strive to combine creativity, simplicity and style with technology to create new festive memories for you and your loved ones.

Polarlite is more than decorating homes during the festive time. It is an idea to bring families, friends and loved ones together and share the joy and the moments.
All kind of LED products for indoor and outdoor use are in our product range. From small lanterns, stars, snowmen up to large illuminated hearts and stars. Due to its flexibility and easy installation, it is the perfect decoration to lighten up your home in a personal way.


The Polarlite Mission

The Polarlite experience is not only about bringing back tradition and memories into the household, but is also about creating new ones so that it could be passed on to the people you love.

At Polarlite, we take pride in our products and uphold the highest standards in consumer electronics. Our team has dedicated themselves to designing a wide variety of quality products aimed at being stylish, reliable and user-friendly so your festive moments could be better illuminated.


The Polarlite Vision

Other than upholding tradition and trends, our vision is to light up every household with Polarlite and create fond memories for you, your family and your loved ones.


Product Features

  • Full product range
  • High quality with competitive price
  • Reliable function
  • User friendly
  • Stylish design


Visit us: http://www.polarlite.com