Innovation and technology to power up your life.

We relentlessly pursue innovative technology solutions to power your lifestyle. For work or play, you can count on Tapfer products to work seamlessly and easily with your favorite electronics. Because constant innovation, fluid design and consistent quality matters.



The brand itself is righteous and stands for appropriate values.

  • Consequent – It sticks to its values
  • Steadfast – It dares and is not intimidated by competition
  • Strong – Perceived as a solid, strong, robust and stylish item
  • Dominant – Stands above the competition
  • Connectedness – It compliments all of its products in its own range


TAPFER Vision and Mission

Innovation for performance and technology for productivity.

  • Competitive Ethos: Cutting edge products that are faster, more reliable and better quality than the rest of the marketplace.
  • Design Principle: Sleek and stylish, yet robust enough for your daily life.
  • Connectedness: Technology permeates our lifestyle, and our products are designed to work seamlessly within that flow. We don’t make one-offs. We create interconnected products that pair together to improve your productivity fluidly.
  • Exceptional Quality: In a world full of counterfeits and one-use wonders, our products are designed to last— because you deserve products that work as hard as you do!


Visit us: https://www.tapfer.com