Grow your sales with Conrad Connect

Conrad Connect is Europe’s leading IoT platform for smart living and business. Consumers use our platform to interconnect and monitor devices and services of already more than 100 top brands.

Every manufacturer of smart devices who wishes to drive product sales in Europe can join!

Connected Brands

Why your company should join Conrad Connect

1. Make your smart products compatible with 100+ major IoT brands

2. Provide your customers with powerful automation and data visualization tools

3. Highlight your brand on Europe’s #1 IoT platform for smart living

Benefits for your customers

Compatibility with 100+ major IoT brands

  • Give customers maximum flexibility to interconnect your product with other devices and services
  • Save time and money to make your product compatible with other brands
  • Lifetime access to the future integrations within our ecosystem


Powerful automation features

  • Drag & Drop graphical rule editor making automation simple and accessible to everyone
  • Possibility to build from simple to complex automation rules based on ‘if this then that’ principle
  • Highlight: An option to trigger automation projects not only by device events but also by using WhatsApp, Telegram commands or other options, such as HTTP requests!

Innovative visualization & monitoring options

  • Displaying device states on uploaded floor plans, and using smart coloring for spotting issues
  • Bringing all relevant device data on one page using customizable dashboards


Vast alarming & notification options

  • Voice call notifications
  • Whatsapp, Telegram, SMS, Email, and Slack
  • HTTP requests for creating links to other systems

Improve your product sales within as little as 7 days!


Review technical requirements

Assess technical feasibility based on the “Provider API” documentation available for free on our Developer Portal.

Contact us with any questions.


Close partnership agreement

Contact us to make a partnership agreement. This is the basis for the upcoming release of your integration.


Integrate your products

Integrate our Provider API and make your products compatible with our platform and ecosystem.


Spread the good news

Tell your customers and partners! 

We will create a brand page for you on our platform and announce the partnership in our next newsletter.