Bluetooth® audio transmitter renkforce BTX-1300

  • Description


Highlights & details

  • Upgrade devices that are not Bluetooth-enabled to Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Perfect to not disturb the people around you


The product is intended to be used as an audio transmitter. It receives an analogue audio signal
(line level) and transmits it via radio to up to two Bluetooth® headphones or other Bluetooth® audio
receivers. The power is supplied via a USB port.


Perfect listening experience with the APTX technology.
The audio quality through APTX technology is significantly higher than conventional Bluetooth transmission standards. Headphones , receiver and speakers without APTX compatibility, will connect through the conventional Bluetooth technology with the RENKFORCE stations .

Included in delivery

  • Audio transmitter
  • Connection cable (3.5 mm stereo jack plug to 3.5 mm stereo jack plug)
  • Operating instructions