Energy consumption meter VOLTCRAFT ENERGY-LOGGER 4000 DE, SE, AT, FI, NO, SI, HU, EE, LV, BG, RO, NL, ES, LU, BA, IT Sel

  • Description


Highlights & details

  • 1.5 – 3500 W
  • Displays power factor and load type
  • Built-in data logger
  • VOLTSOFT analysis software
  • Readings can be transferred to SDHC memory cards (32 GB max.)


The Energy Logger 4000’s built-in memory logs the energy consumption of any connected appliance over a period of 6 months. And what’s more, you can transfer all readings to a PC using any standard SD/SDHC card for further analysis and record keeping. The user-friendly VOLTSOFT analysis software allows you to view the energy consumption of up to 10 devices. This allows you to detect any hidden power guzzlers, and helps you take appropriate action to save energy, and make sure your energy saving measures work. The 3-line display shows electricity consumption, active/apparent power, power factor (cos phi), amperage, voltage and min/max usage. In addtion, the display mode can be switched from actual to accumulated readings, as well as to monthly or annual energy cost projections. The built-in screen displays your daily electricity usage over the past 10 days. The EL 4000 also logs the precise time any connected appliance is switched on. Unlike more low-cost loggers, Energy Logger 4000 enables highly accurate readings of appliances operating at loads as little as 1.5 W – perfect to keep an eye on standby power consumption. Moreover, a built-in backup battery makes sure no readings are lost as a result of power outages.


  • TrueRMS reading ensures high accuracy even during AC phase shifts
  • Displays efficiency based on power factor
  • Updatable

Included in delivery

  • Backup battery
  • VOLTSOFT analysis software
  • User manual