Inspection and Testing

Delivering the Impeccable Standards and Peace of Mind

How can you be certain the products you get will be done right? Because we oversee every step from concept to completion. At CEI HK, we don’t just take orders and seek deadlines. We’re fully hands-on from beginning to end, and we ensure your products are delivered to your quality standards the moment you begin a project with us. Whether it’s systems or procedures in factory sourcing, product testing or on-site quality control inspections, you can trust CEI HK to deliver to your safety and quality standards.

QC-tailored for the Electronics Industry: Every year, hundreds of consumer electrical and electronic products are recalled due to safety-related issues such as electric shock, overheating or worst case—Fire. We understand that even one small error can result in serious damage to your brand’s reputation, so let us help you avoid this headache from the start! CEI HK can make certain your electronic products meet the safety standards and requirements of your destination market with our physical, mechanical and laboratory tests with our electrical and electronics product testing expertise.

Here’s an example of the services we can provide for Electrical Product Testing:

  • Hipot test
  • Earth continuity test
  • Power cord pull test
  • Stability test
  • Power consumption test
  • Motor rotation speed measurement
  • Internal construction review
  • Product parameter check
  • Product function/performance test
  • Workmanship review
  • Frequency checking
  • Frequency response test for speaker and microphone
  • Impedance check
  • Working current/voltage check

CEI HK also has its own professional test laboratory where we can ensure you’re meeting the quality and safety standards of your destination market to ensure your brand image is secure.

Factory Assessments & Inspections: From the start of your project, CEI HK will make sure that the suppliers we source for you can meet your production requirements. The suppliers we work with are required from the get-go to sign our Code of Conduct which include certain social accountability and environmental protection standards. We also follow-through with random inspections and audits throughout the manufacturing process to make sure the product is complying to spec and samples.

CEI HK Product Quality Workflow: We are aware that your product’s reliability is in our hands. To seal the protection of your brand’s esteem, every item from your line will methodically pass through stages of quality assurance such as sampling, certification, rating and necessary compliance. Stringent testing in our laboratory and/or inspection in the manufacturer’s premises will be done until declared ready and safe for shipment to your destination market.

You can be rest assured that only goods that have passed our inspection will be shipped.