Shipment and Payment

Fast, Safe & Inexpensive… Every Time

Let our expertise in sea and air freight as well as importing from China work for you! In addition to our Logistics Solutions, our dedicated Freight Team works hard to make sure we’re offering you turnkey solutions whether you’re shipping product via air or sea. After your product is quality-checked by our staff, we can help 1) consolidate your goods and 2) work with your budget and timelines to determine the best possible modes of transport based on price and lead time requirements.

Need products urgently? No problem. CEI HK’s Freight Team will happily work with China-side customs to expedite your export documentation and help you pick from a plethora of reliable international airlines to get your products to you within three days of being manufactured.

Looking for safe and inexpensive options for longer lead time projects? We’ve got you covered. CEI HK’s Freight Team can help you ship goods to any major port globally via 20ft-40ft containers at either less than container load (LCL) or full container load (FCL) rates, helping you maximize capacity and keep costs down. We have long-standing partnerships with internationally-respected freight forwarders who are both dependable and cost-effective.

Here’s an example of what our Freight & Importing Services can do for you:  

  • Final and/or pre-shipment inspection
  • Packing and pallet-size requirement management
  • Rapid Air Freight Turnarounds for urgent orders
  • Sea Freight consolidation consultation and recommendations
  • China-side customs export documentation preparation and management
  • Product warehousing options in our own locations in both Hong Kong and the United States
  • Leverage our global Freight Forward Partnerships with Panalpina China Ltd, UPS, DHL and FedEx
  • Shipment tracking information systems
  • Payment arrangement
  • Customs clearance, duties management
  • Onward shipment of goods directly to you or your customer

At CEI HK, your shipping experience is fully-managed with every little detail catered to by our Freight Team. Once we receive air or sea shipments, we help you manage the product flow smoothly and efficiently through customs clearance and duties so you can be confident your goods will reach its destination with minimum fuss and hassle.

Let us make shipping smooth, efficient, and headache-free. Contact us now to discuss your needs!

Logistics Solutions

Factory-to-Door with No Hidden Costs

The key to a successful supply chain is to provide a total logistics solution that is transparent, reliable and scalable. Every supply chain is developed in close conjunction with our customer because no one likes hidden, last-minute costs, and each supply chain is unique and different.

We will work closely with you at each stage of the process from sourcing to delivery so that each area is covered based on your needs, budget and requirements. We offer a combination of logistics and industry expertise, excellent communication and flexible, tailor-made logistics solutions.

Here’s an example of the Logistics Solutions we can offer:

  • Over 20 years of experience in logistics
  • Flexible, tailor-made solutions for regional and global customers
  • Intelligent supply-chain solutions for maximum efficiency and cost savings
  • Customs consultancy
  • Warehousing solutions
  • Open book contracts
  • Suggestions on loading quantities
  • Mixed container shipments
  • Recommended freight forwarders
  • Cost-effective import procedures
  • Customs clearance
  • VAT and duty management
  • Factory-to-door delivery
  • Supply chain analysis and monitoring
  • Consolidation and assembly of products

It’s easy to underestimate the complexity of supply chains. That’s why we make it easy for our customers to understand the opportunities to streamline and improve as we go along—because making logistics seamless and more effective is what we excel at, and there are always opportunities to get your product delivered faster and cheaper, especially as you scale your business.

Flexibility is key. Once your supply chain is in place and operational, we’ll continue to monitor and suggest opportunities for improvement.

Whether you want an end-to-end solution that is cost-optimized or lead-time-optimized or a synthesis of both, let our team design the right option for your business.

Trust CEI HK to deliver quality—on time, in full and at the right price.


Payment: Bank transfer within 7 days after receipt of the invoice. Invoice will be sent after shipment.