Energy consumption meter Basetech COST CONTROL 3000 DE, SE, AT, FI, NO, SI, HU, EE, LV, BG, RO, NL, ES, LU, BA, IT Alarm

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Highlights & details

  • Cost prognosis per day/week/month
  • Optical and audio alarm indication


Always keep your current consumption in the view. Based on the entered electricity rates the COST CONTROL determines the accrued electricity costs of the connected users. Now you can, without unnecessary switching, immediately read how much the operation of an electrical appliance actually costs. Between plug between and read


  • Reading of the transferred data is possible in covered state by built-in battery
  • Display of power, current, frequency, effectiveness by compiling performance factors (CosPhi) for exact measurement, power consumption, costs in EUR and function time
  • Adjustable set-value for “A” or “W”

Included in delivery

  • 2 Micro batteries (LR44)
  • Operating instructions